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Breaking Updates from Vox Madelyn

“At Vox Madelyn we believe in the intrinsic beauty of every woman. The Ser Bella range is all about Being Beautiful at every age, and we are very excited about our new anti-aging anti-wrinkle line. It contains extensively researched and highly-active potent ingredients, each carefully chosen for its unique benefit. Our advanced age-defying clinically tested formulas have a strong delivery system, are more balanced and infused with super antioxidants, rich botanicals, collagen boosters, peptides, lactic acids and many other high performing ingredients that repair and reverse the signs of aging”.



We are often asked to name the one thing you absolutely have to do to have great skin for life. I cannot narrow it down to just one. We can make a million recommendations to help you get the best skin of your life.  Instead, we put together an article on the five things that you must do to maintain your skin for life.  Everything boils down to whether you’re taking care of yourself, not how expensive your moisturizer is. What goes inside is as important as what goes on the outside, so make sure you take care of your skin from the inside out if you want to maintain your skin for life.

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